ExCS Mailing List

Intended Audience

Members of ExCS, ex-members of CUCC, and current members of CUCC (but note it's not meant to be a general CUCC list). Subscription isn't currently restricted, but I reserve the right to throw people off, especially those with no clear connection to ExCS or CUCC.

I'd love to receive more mail, how can I join the mailing list?

You can join the list via the web.

If you don't have web access you can join and leave the list just by sending e-mail (for example, you might want to tell a friend with e-mail but no web access how to join). For instructions, send a message with help in the subject to listname-request@survex.com (replacing listname with excs).

Help, my mailbox is too full! How do I stop this flood of mail?

List traffic is very pulsed - you'll often hear nothing for weeks or months and then there will be a post and a flurry of responses. If these flood pulses trouble you then you can choose to receive a digest version of the list - this means that instead of getting lots of individual messages, you'll get at most one message per day which contains several messages within it (actually, there's a size threshold in the list software, so if the list is very busy you may occasionally get 2 or more digests per day - in practice this is very rare though).

To select the digest version, visit the list webpage and click on the "digest" checkbox.

You can choose a text or MIME version of the digest. If you have clever mail software, the MIME version may present it to you as a collection of messages in some nice way. If not, you may prefer the text version (which is the default).

Or if you'd prefer to unsubscribe entirely, again use the methods described above.

We used to have an excs-notices list which was intended to only get announcements and not the (often somewhat off-topic) discussion, but this never really caught on, so has now been discontinued.

I've not heard anything from the list, have I been unsubscribed?

You might have been. If the list server gets bounced mail from you for more than a week or so, it'll remove you. Mail can bounce for many reasons, but common ones are spam filtering rejecting incoming messages, your mailbox being full, and prolonged service outages.

Or it could just be quiet at the moment.

Please do not mail the list to ask - it's a waste of everyone's time, and of bandwidth. The best approach is to try to subscribe as described above. This will tell you if you're already on or resubscribe you if you aren't.

I'm moving to a new job/university...

Then unsubscribe from the old address as described above. Then subscribe from the new address (assuming you have a new address of course). It's better to unsubscribe before leaving if you can - it saves the list from having to send lots of messages which will never get read.

You'll also want to change your details on the on-line address list.

Any cool ExCS-related web pages?

The ExCS address list formally maintained by Chas Butcher now resides on this server. Updates and additions can be submitted using a web form. You'll need to give a login name and password to access the address list - you can find the details in a previous paper ExCS newsletter.

The Web site is password-protected for a reason, so please treat the password, and the contents of the site, with respect. We don't like junk mail!

That's enough for now.

Last updated: 2018-10-10 08:19