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There is a Survex mailing list on the internet - this is an email address which resends any mail sent to it to all the other subscribers. It's a good place to send Survex queries and bug reports, and is where new releases will be announced.

It's a low traffic list, with generally just a few messages a week except for surges of activity around new releases.

We also provide a mailing list for discussion of general cave-surveying issues. In general it's even quieter than the Survex list.

If you advertise these lists on your web pages, on usenet, or on other lists please don't quote the actual list address. If you do, robots gathering e-mail addresses for spamming are likely to pick the address up. The list software only allows posts through from those subscribed to the list, and the more egregious spam is automatically rejected, but some poor sod (i.e. me) still has to wade through the rest checking for genuine mail. So please just point people to this web page instead.

IMPORTANT: ANY non-plain text mail sent to the cave-surveying list address will be SILENTLY deleted - this includes HTML-only email, HTML mail with a text version, and messages with attachments. So if you use a mail program which defaults to sending HTML email, you'll have to configure it not to do so for the cave-surveying list. Sorry for any inconvenience caused - it's those lousy spammers that have forced me to take this step.

The simplest way to subscribe or unsubscribe is to use the web interface. You will be sent a confirmation message, which you'll need to reply to to actually perform the change (this is to prevent malicious addition or removal of others without their permission).

Web interfaces:

If you don't have web access, you can join and leave the list just by sending e-mail (for example, you might want to tell a friend with e-mail but no web access how to join). For instructions, send a message with help in the subject to (replacing listname with survex or cave-surveying as appropriate).

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