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Petone-Grenada Link Road

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Slide 5 from my nostalgia-fest "The Art of Writing Small Programs" from just under two years ago:

The Art of Writing Small Programs - Slide 5

XKCD 1275 from last week:

xkcd 1275 - INT(PI)

(Of course that should be INT SQR EXP PI/INT PI * PI * R ** INT PI).

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I finally got my talk slides from last year's Kiwi PyCon and OSDC uploaded, and got inspired to overhaul my list of talks, including a few that were missing entirely, and adding links to video or audio of more of the talks.

If you've half an hour to kill and want some 8-bit computing nostalgia, then the video of "The Art of Writing Small Programs" from OSDC 2011 is well worth a watch.

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Tim McNamara and the team at boost new media have generously decided to open up some spare desks in their office as a free co-working space each Friday. The concept (and silly name) come from an original event in New York, USA, and has already spread to over 100 cities around the world.

I was going to be in town at lunchtime for the Summer of Tech lightning talks (which were well worth the trip in) so decided to sign up and spend the afternoon co-working. Usually I work alone at home, which has fewer human distractions than a shared office, but plenty of replacement distractions, and I sometimes miss being able to easily bounce ideas off other people without waiting for them to check email.

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First Post!

Hello world.

I've been meaning to start blogging for some time. My motivations are that articulating what I'm up to will help me to stay focussed better, and I'll be able to let those in the Xapian community who are interested see what I'm currently up to without me having to worry that I'm bombarding the mailing list with too much information.

It will also give me somewhere to put analysis of Xapian-related issues which include graphs, diagrams, and tables, which mailing list email isn't very well suited to.

And that's the motivation for getting around to this right now. GMX are sponsoring me to do some work on reducing database size. They've wanted me to report as the work progressed, and we decided the best approach was for me to post the progress reports to a public blog, so other people can follow the work too.

I will try to make the test scripts available where I easily can, and I'd love to get feedback on how things look with your Xapian databases, particularly if they are large.

I don't currently have a commenting feature on the blog. It would be good to have one, but I'm reluctant to create yet another place to have to regularly cleanse of spam, so until I have time to set up comments with decent spam protection please direct feedback to http://identi.ca/olly or the xapian-devel mailing list.

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