Sketchy Personal Information

Sometimes I look something like this:


I grew up in the UK, but moved to New Zealand in 2008, and now live not far from Wellington.


I have a blog, which is mostly about Xapian currently.


You can find slides, videos and/or audio for some of the talks I've given on my talks page.


Rob Garrett in Solution Cave, Nandan, China


For reasons I can't adequately explain to myself, let alone others, I enjoy caving.

In the UK, I mostly used to cave with Red Rose CPC ULSA and CUCC. In New Zealand, I'm a member of the Wellington Caving Group.

I've written Survex - a software package to help those surveying and make maps of caves. It was originally written for CUCC's Austria explorations, but is now used by many other cave surveying projects around the world.


I do a fair bit of scuba diving too, though not in combination with caving (just in case my mother's reading this). I've yet to be persuaded that diving in cold water is fun, but I've dived in nice warm water in Australia, Fiji, Malta, and the Red Sea.


I run a small software consultancy business.


After some software I wrote? Try looking on my software page.

Contacting Me

Email is usually the best way. If you want to encrypt mail, use my GPG public key.