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Survex is an open source cave-surveying software package, licensed under the GPL. It is designed to be portable and can be run on a variety of platforms, including Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Survex is very powerful cave survey software, and is actively developing into a complete cave visualisation package. It has a sophisticated GUI frontend.

Survex has no arbitrary limits, and so is particularly good for large complicated cave systems, or areas where you need to see the relationships between multiple cave systems. Putting existing data into it should be easy.

We welcome input from other surveyors on what features they need in Survex, or improvements to the way existing features work. We also encourage people to add their own functionality and send the code back to us for inclusion in the project. We want to make Survex a collaborative project amongst cave surveyors, and we must thank the many who have helped translate, test and improve it so far.

Survex 1.2.16 released. This release adds KML export and the measuring line can now be started from an anonymous station. Read the announcement email for more details.
Survex 1.2.15 released. This release expands support for specifying coordinate systems. Read the announcement email for more details.
Survex 1.2.14 released. This release adds initial support for specifying the coordinate system. Read the announcement email for more details.
Survex 1.2.13 released. This release fixes a few bugs in cavern and aven, and adds some debug features that should help us improve support for touchscreens. Read the announcement email for more details.
Survex 1.2.12 released. This release fixes a number of reported bugs in aven, and improves the appearance of printouts a little. Read the announcement email for more details.

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