If you want to help with development or testing of experimental Survex code, and don't mind having to build it yourself, you can fetch the very latest sources using git. Most people will prefer to download a stable release.

To checkout from

git clone git://

This will check out the sources into a directory called survex and will check out the master branch by default (which is where 1.2.x is developed). You can switch to the 1.0 branch like so:

cd survex
git checkout -b 1.0 origin/svn/1.0

The repository is also mirrored automatically to some git hosting sites - if you use those, you may prefer to create your own fork there and work with that:

Browsing git online

You can browse the repository online using trac, or via or github (see above links).

Preparing to build

You'll need a few other programs to be installed in order to build Survex from git. Here's a (possibly incomplete - let us know if you find any omissions) list of the Debian package names (Ubuntu package names should be the same - for other Linux distributions the names may not be quite the same; if you're using some other OS you may need to install these from source):

  • autoconf
  • automake1.7 or automake1.8 or automake1.9 or automake1.10
  • docbook-to-man
  • gcc
  • g++
  • libwxgtk2.8-dev
  • libxxf86vm-dev (only required for Ubuntu)
  • perl
  • sgmltools-lite or sgmltools3
  • xlibmesa-gl-dev
  • xlibmesa-glu-dev
  • xlibs-dev
  • imagemagick
  • ghostscript

You now need to generate the build system files - to do this, just run: autoreconf -i from autoconf 2.50 or later; you'll also need automake 1.5 or later installed. You'll probably get some warnings about underquoted definition of one or more things - this is nothing to worry about, it's a new version of automake warning about cosmetic problems with how some other packages use automake.

Now you should be able to run ./configure and make as usual.

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