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Debian GSoC Applications for 2013

I've produced a graph of the 61 student applications which Debian received for GSoC this year:

Graph of student applications to Debian in GSoC 2013

Ana blogged a similar graph last year if you want to compare. It looks like the total is down a little (though I'm not sure if the figure of 81 from the text, or ~68 read from the graph is correct for last year) - this is likely at least partly due to the number of proposals each student can send having been reduced from 20 last year to 5 this year, which should have reduced the number of low quality proposals. The timeline this year is later, which may have also had an effect.

If you're an admin or a mentor, you can produce a similar graph for your own org(s) - just download this OpenDocument spreadsheet and follow the instructions inside.

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Message of the Day

I was staying in room 2112 in the hotel for the GSoC mentor summit at the weekend, which wetted my appetite for some Rush, so I stuck a CD in my laptop today and got this dialog:

Presto Rush Presto Rush Presto Rush

Looks like there's already a report (#631760) for this issue.

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Debian RC Bugs Fixed for November 2011

I was travelling for most of November, but managed to fix four RC bugs in the final week:

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RC Bugs Fixed for October 2011

I spent a bit of time last month working towards being able to remove wxwidgets2.6 from the Debian archive - inspired by the RCBW initiative, I did a quick (and perhaps not totally thorough) tally of the Debian RC bugs I fixed in October 2011:

Probably the biggest win will be the removal of wxwidgets2.6 though - it's long dead upstream and removing it will pave the way for including wxwidgets3.0 once it is released.

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