Redhat and other RPM-based distributions

We used to supply ready built RPMs for Survex, but for technical reasons these didn't work quite correctly. So now we recommend you install from the source RPM. Don't worry, this is very simple to do.

If your Linux distribution supplies wxWidgets (or wxWindows) packages, install these. They may be called libwxgtk, and you need to make sure you install the -dev or -devel package which is required for building programs which use wxWidgets rather than just running them. Either wx 2.8 or 3.0 should work, and the Unicode version is a better choice (it seems all packages are of the Unicode version these days anyway).

If your Linux distribution doesn't supply packages, you'll need to build from source, which again is very simple. Firstly, make sure you have the -dev or -devel packages for libgtk2 installed. Then you'll need to download the wxWidgets source code and install from that using:

rpmbuild -ta --with gtk2 wxGTK-2.8.12.tar.bz2
(if you have an older system without rpmbuild, use rpm in its place).

Download gzip-ed tar Source code [3893K] + gzip-ed tar Sample Data [583K]

And then execute the following command as root to build and install:

rpmbuild -ta survex-1.2.22.tar.gz
(if you have an older system without rpmbuild, use rpm in its place).

Debian GNU/Linux (also Ubuntu and other Debian-derived distributions)

See the Debian download page.

Other Linux distributions

You'll need to download the source code and build it yourself. See the UNIX download page.

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